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How To Choose The Right Table Tennis Table


Whether you are choosing a table tennis table for your home, office, or recreational center, our team here at has you covered.  Our team has compiled a list of questions to help make it easier to choose the best table for you.  The following questions are important to consider when making a purchase:

  • How much do I want to pay?

  • How and where am I going to utilize my ping pong table?

  • What is the layout of my room?  

  • Do I require a table tennis table that is stationary or do I need one that has wheels?

  • What are my storage requirements?

    Before you set out to look for a ping pong table that is right for you, it’s important to be aware of the different types of tables.   

    Although many table tennis tables fall into multiple categories simultaneously, generally, table tennis tables can be broken down into six (6) different types: 1) indoor; 2) outdoor; 3) rollaway; 4) stationary; 5) beginner & recreational level; 6) advanced & tournament level.

    Indoor Table Tennis Tables

    Indoor table tennis tables are designed for indoor usage, typically for inside the home, office, or recreation center. Usually, the table’s top is made of material that isn’t condensation-resistant, which means the table tennis table could have a much shorter lifespan if used for outdoor play or left outdoors for an extended period of time. Please view our fine collection of indoor table tennis tables: Indoor Table Tennis Tables.

    Outdoor Table Tennis Tables

    Outdoor table tennis tables are designed for outdoor usage and typically have a more durable table top that is made to ward off the possible harsh effects of rain, snow, and warmer temperatures. These tables typically will feature technology that prevents expansion and contraction under variable weather conditions. Please view our fine collection of outdoor table tennis tables: Outdoor Table Tennis Tables.

    Rollaway Table Tennis Tables

    Rollaway table tennis tables are designed for increased mobility and versatility. These ping pong tables can be moved around from place to place with ease since they come with wheels and can be folded and placed in storage with ease. These tables are ideal for those who prefer to enjoy both indoor and outdoor play, or play in different rooms in a house, office, or recreational center.  Please view our collection of rollaway table tennis tables: Rollaway Table Tennis Tables.

    Stationary Table Tennis Tables

    Stationary ping pong tables are generally meant for play in one designated location. Since these tables are stationary, they are most ideal for those of you who have already decided that your ping pong table will remain in one designated area, such as a game room, basement, or family room. Please view our collection of stationary table tennis tables: Stationary Table Tennis Tables

    Beginner & Recreational Level Table Tennis Tables

    These table tennis tables are designed for individuals who are just starting to play table tennis and those who simply play table tennis for fun every now and then. While durable, they these ping pong table tend to be lighter and less durable than other ping pong tables and are great for kids. Please view our collection of beginner & recreational level table tennis tables: Beginner & Recreational Table Tennis Tables

    Advanced & Tournament Level Table Tennis Tables

    These table tennis tables are designed for advanced table tennis players and usage in tournaments and other settings where the table will be used frequently. These ping pong tables are generally the most durable table tables you will find anywhere and are much heavier and often come with a table top especially made for extended usage. These table tennis tables are generally of the highest quality available and are often used at ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) sponsored events, which is the international body governing all table tennis associations.  Please view our great collection of advanced & tournament level table tennis tables:  Advanced & Tournament Level Table Tennis Tables.

    Hopefully, the team at has given you a better understanding of the different types of table tennis tables available on the market so you can select the best table tennis table for you. In addition to providing a better understanding of the different types of table tennis tables, also has a wide selection of table tennis tables for purchase. Please view our entire collection: Table Tennis Tables.

    If you need any help with your purchase, feel free to contact an team member via live chat or by phone.