Luxury Tables: How a Luxury Table Can Transform Your Home or Office Space

Luxury Tables: How a Luxury Table Can Transform Your Home or Office Space


The new RS Barcelona RS# Stationary Ping Pong Table could become the most in-demand luxury table for 2017


A luxury table is a phenomenal piece to own because of its ability to transform the decor of a home or office space while also serving as a great image enhancer for the owner. At, we get a plethora of questions about luxury tables and what they can do for a home or office. Therefore, we decided to discuss why luxury tables are such a wonderful piece to own and what a luxury table can do for the decor of your desired location.  

Luxury tables are great for many reasons, and since our team here at is often asked about what a luxury table can do, we've put together the following three (3) ways in which luxury tables help transform a home or office: 

Luxury Tables Give a Home or Office Space a Look of Sophistication and Refined Elegance

Luxury tables absolutely provide a desired space with a look of elegance and sophistication and can transform a bland area into one that makes a strong statement. A luxury table can transform a room that most would consider dull and bland into room with a cozier, more relaxing environment. Additionally, owning a luxury table also signals to others that the owner of the room has sophisticated tastes and truly appreciates world-class craftsmanship. 

A Luxury Table Serves a Practical Function in Addition to Being a Great Conversation Piece

Another way in which a luxury table transforms a room is by serving a practical function while also being utilized as a great conversation piece. A luxury table, such as the multi-purpose RS Barcelona You and Me Ping Pong Table, is a great example of a luxury table that has a way of wonderfully transforming a room or deck area while also serving as a beautiful conversation piece. The RS Barcelona You and Me Ping Pong Table is not only high-end ping pong table, but it's also a luxury dining table, a premium conference table, or a stunning conversation piece. By adding a luxury table like the RS Barcelona You and Me Ping Pong Table, you're able to transform your space because you now have multiple ways in which to utilize your desired area. Simply by adding this one piece of luxury furniture, you're now able to transform your space into a fun-filled game room, a luxurious dining room, or a highly impressive conference room within minutes. 

A Luxury Table Enhances the Colors and Patterns Within a Room

The colors and patterns within a home or office space are very important elements of a room's overall presentation, and a luxury table will accentuate those colors and patterns. Luxury tables such as the RS Barcelona You and Me Walnut Ping Pong Table, which comes equipped with a luxurious walnut finish, and the RS Barcelona You and Me Zuzunaga Special Edition Ping Pong Table, which is available in either green or magenta, are two luxury tables that do a phenomenal job of really accentuating the colors and patterns that already exist within a room. This is primarily due to the richness of their paint finishes that highlight the colors and patterns that surround them. 

At, we believe that a luxury table is one of the best ways to transform your home or office space and we hope we've done a great job of explaining why. If you're interested in purchasing a luxury table, has you covered. In addition to carrying a great selection of table tennis tables, we carry a wide selection of luxury tables that will help you transform your space into something you will truly love and be proud of. Please view our collection: Luxury Tables.

Providing excellent customer service is what always strives to do, so if you have any questions about any of our products, or would simply like to check the availability of an item, please contact an customer service representative via our live-chat or by giving us a call at (800) 216-5940. 

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