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New Product Offerings: Shuffleboard Tables and Billiard Tables

Shuffleboard Tables and Billiard Tables have been added to our 2018 product offerings.





At, our goal is to bring our customers the best product offerings possible, and as a result of customer demand, we have decided to add shuffleboard tables and billiard tables to our collection. 


Shuffleboard Tables

Shuffleboard is a wonderful game that has existed for hundreds of years and has been played by millions around the world. Generally, the game of shuffleboard involves players utilizing a shuffleboard puck and aiming it towards a marked scoring area with the goal of having the puck land in a marked scoring zone. Players take turns attempting to score points, bump the pucks of opposing players off the board, and protect their own pucks from getting bumped off the shuffleboard table.  

Shuffleboard tables come in a variety of lengths and finishes, and in addition to their practical use, a shuffleboard table will add a marvelous touch to your room's decor. 


Billiard Tables

In addition to shuffleboard tables, billiard tables are used to play cue sports and have been enjoyed for hundreds of years by millions around the world. Cue sports involve players striking a billiard ball in an attempt to get the ball into a table pocket.

Also known as pool tables, billiard tables are available in a variety of different styles and finishes, and add a truly refined look to a room's decor. 

At, our desire is to serve our customers better and bring them the game room products they desire, so if there have any products you would like to see offered, you are more than welcome to send us an email at and we will do our absolute best to make it happen. If you're interested in purchasing a shuffleboard table or billiard table, can definitely help! Please view our newly added shuffleboard table and billiard table collections: Shuffleboard TablesBilliard Tables strives to provide customers with the absolute best shopping experience possible, so if you have any questions about our game room products, or would simply like to check the availability of an item, please contact an customer service representative via email, live-chat, or by phone.