Ping Pong: How Long Does it Take to Become a Very Good Ping Pong Player?

Ping Pong: How Long Does it Take to Become a Very Good Ping Pong Player?



Becoming a very good ping pong player takes time but can be achieved with a great work ethic    


When it comes to the great game of ping pong, there are a number of factors that determine how long it will take to become a very good ping pong player. Here at, a common question our team is asked by customers is “How much practice will I need before I get really good at table tennis?” While that is a great question to ask, when it comes to how long it will take to become a very good ping pong player, unfortunately, the answer is: It depends.  Yes, that’s right, it depends on numerous factors which includes your own innate talents.

When attempting to reach a solid conclusion regarding how much time is needed to become a very good table tennis player, the following factors come into play:

Ping Pong Experience Level

As you probably guessed, ones level of experience with table tennis is a major factor when determining how long it will take to reach a very high performance level. If a player has only played ping pong a few times, they are essentially starting from scratch and will need to start with the basics of table tennis. However, if one has leisurely played ping pong for a number of years, their path to greatness will likely be much shorter since they have likely mastered the basics of table tennis.  

Passion and Drive for the Game of Ping Pong

This is arguably the most important factor when it comes to determining how long it will take to become a very good table tennis player. As with most things in life, the level of passion and drive one has to constantly improve and eventually master their craft will determine how far they will go, and the game of table tennis is no different. 

Innate Table Tennis Abilities

Innate ability plays a huge role when taking on any endeavor, whether it’s ping pong or any other game or sport. We are all born with different strengths and weaknesses and this plays a major role when it comes to table tennis. Certain aspects of ping pong such positioning, hand/eye coordination, and the ability to anticipate where the ping pong ball will land on your half of the table tennis table are all part of your innate table tennis abilities. However, do not fret if you don’t possess certain innate table tennis abilities, since practice and good instruction can compensate for certain deficiencies.

The Ability to Recognize and Correct Flaws in Your Table Tennis Skillset

When it comes to improving in any game or task, recognizing and being honest about your flaws is very important. Why? Because the key to improvement in all aspects of life come down to making corrections in areas in which we are deficient. The game of pong pong is no different. If one is able to recognize and correct certain flaws in their table tennis game, they are more likely to make the necessary corrections that lead to a path of success.

Access to Good Table Tennis Mentors and Overall Table Tennis Instruction

Having a good table tennis mentor and good table tennis instruction are crucial to one’s development as a ping pong player. Although we can often recognize our own flaws, it’s sometimes great to have someone else, with experience, point out certain things we are doing wrong or certain table tennis skills that can be improved upon. Table tennis clubs are a great place to find an excellent table tennis mentor who can help provide assistance when it comes to ping pong skill development and refining one’s overall table tennis game. If you are interested in joining a table tennis club in your area, here is a great resource: Table Tennis Club Locator

Hopefully, has done a good job of explaining how long it takes to become a very good table tennis player, and why providing a “one size fits all” answer is extremely difficult.   Now that you know what’s required to become a very good ping pong player, you can now plan your table tennis self-improvement strategy. If you’re looking to purchase a table tennis product to jump-start your path to success, has you covered! has a great selection of table tennis products to help you improve your table tennis game, including ping pong tables, table tennis paddles, table tennis nets, and ping pong balls. Please view our collections: Ping Pong Tables, Ping Pong Paddles, Table Tennis Balls, and Table Tennis Nets. is always glad to be of assistance, so if you have any questions regarding any of our table tennis products, or would like to check the availability of an item, feel free to get in touch with an team member via live-chat or by phone.   


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