Ping Pong: How to Maintain Your Ping Pong Table

Ping Pong: How to Maintain Your Ping Pong Table

By doing a few key things, a table tennis table can last for many years


Maintaining your table tennis table is very important and can be done by simply implementing a few tasks on a regular basis. By implementing these tasks, you will be able to make sure that your ping pong table remains in excellent condition for many years to come.  The team here at is often asked by customers about the best way to keep their ping pong table in great condition so we are here to provide some answers. The solution to keeping your table tennis table in excellent condition is fairly simple, but like in many other areas in life, consistency is key.   

Assuming ping pong table owners are committed to consistency, maintaining your table tennis table can be accomplished by doing the following:

Wipe Down the Ping Pong Table’s Playing Surface Often

By simply using a soft, dry microfiber cloth after each use, you will keep the ping pong table's playing surface clean. The microfiber cloth will remove minor dust particles and moisture from the table, thus keeping the table tennis table's playing surface in good condition. 

Apply a Gentle Cleaner Mixed with Water on the Table Tennis Table Top Surface.

If your ping pong table is only used sparingly, applying something more potent than water on a regular basis may not be necessary. However, if the table tennis table is used regularly, adding a gentle, non-toxic cleaner mixed with water will give your table tennis table a more thorough cleaning. When adding the gentle cleaner to the water, be sure to use the least amount of cleaner possible because the finish on your ping pong table’s top may be very delicate, and by using only a small amount of cleaner solution, you will prevent harm to the ping pong table’s surface. Applying a cleaning solution to the table tennis table should only be done a maximum of once per month.

Wash the Ping Pong Table’s Net 

If your table tennis table is used regularly, the table tennis table’s net should be removed and washed. This should be done by hand while using slightly warm water and a small amount of detergent. Some ping pong table owners have been known to wash the table tennis table net by using a washing machine, but that’s often too harsh and will lessen the lifespan of the ping pong net. When washing the table tennis net by hand, let the net soak for between 30 minutes to 1 hour to ensure a thorough cleaning. After the table tennis net has soaked, remove it from the water and let it air dry before reapplying the net to the ping pong table.  

Lubricate Metal Areas of the Table Tennis Table That Fold and Bend

One final thing ping pong table owners should do is apply a gentle lubricant to the metal portions of the ping pong table that bend or fold. By doing this, you will ensure that your table tennis table is able to fold properly for many years. This is definitely important when it comes to the storage of the ping pong table, and practicing using the table tennis table’s playback feature, which many ping pong tables possess.

At we want to provide our customers with the best table tennis information possible and we hope we’ve done a good job of informing ping pong table owners and users on what to do when it comes to table tennis table maintenance.   However, if you’re in the market for a new ping pong table, or any other table tennis product, has you covered!  We have a great selection of table tennis products including table tennis tables, ping pong paddles, table tennis nets, and table tennis balls. Please view our collections: Table Tennis TablesPing Pong PaddlesTable Tennis Balls, and Table Tennis Nets.

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