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Ping Pong: Is Ma Long the World's Best Ping Pong Player?

China's Ma Long is a dominate force to be reckoned with


Ma Long is arguably the best table tennis player in the world because of his exceptional ping pong skills and because of his tremendous win record against the world's best table tennis players.  As table tennis enthusiasts, debates about whom the world’s best table tennis player is frequently occur among team members.  However, although other players, such as Fan Zhendong and Xin Xu, are mentioned during debates about whom is the world’s greatest ping pong player, there’s one player who gets mentioned far more than any other player: Ma Long. 

China’s Ma Long, who began playing ping pong at the age of 5, is a tremendous table tennis player who plays with a tenacity and grit that goes unmatched.  Currently, the 28 year-old Long is ranked as the #1 table tennis player by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), and he has held that ranking for over four years. So why exactly does our team here at generally consider Ma Long to be the world’s best ping pong player? We believe Ma Long is the best table tennis player for the following reasons:

Ping Pong Competition Win Record

Ma Long has won a total of five ITTF World Tour tournaments in a row, which includes a streak of 35 sets. Additionally, while representing China in world competitions, Long has won 3 Olympic Games gold medals, 8 World Championships gold medals, and 7 World Cup gold medals.


Long’s list of table tennis victories also include becoming the youngest ping pong world champion after competiting in the 2006 Bremen World Team Championship. Clearly, from an early age, Ma Long was destined for greatness.

Exceptional Table Tennis Skill Level

Ma Long has worked on his ping pong skills to the point where he has perfected them. He possesses excellent table tennis footwork, has great stamina and energy while playing ping pong, and has a perfected both forehand and backhand styles of play. According to many table tennis experts and analysts, Ma Long may possibly possess the best two-winged looper in ping pong history. A two-winged looper, which is very popular among intermediate and pro-level ping pong players, is essentially a style of play in which a ping pong player can stroke or “loop” the table tennis ball using either a forehand or a backhand style. What separates Long from many other ping pong players is that his two-winged looper is very deceptive. This is because Ma Long is known to utilize more of a forehand style of play, but opponents are often taken aback when Long suddenly loops using his powerful backhand style to either attack the opponent, or to block an opponent’s loop. While there are many great ping pong players throughout the globe, Ma Long’s exceptional table tennis skills and deceptive playing style sets him apart from the rest, and is the main reason he’s been so successful for many years.

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