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Ping Pong: Why a Folding Ping Pong Table is an Excellent Purchase

Folding Ping Pong Tables come in a variety of different styles and colors 


A folding ping pong table is an excellent type of ping pong table to purchase because of the incredible versatility and multiple benefits that a folding ping pong table offers. At, we often receive questions from customers regarding folding ping pong tables and their various benefits.  Although many of our table tennis customers are initially unfamiliar with the benefits of purchasing a folding table tennis table, by the end of the conversation, they are often very impressed.

Although other types of table tennis tables are have their own attributes that are special in their own right, when it comes to folding ping pong tables, there are three (3) attributes that make folding ping pong tables so special:

Folding Table Tennis Tables Generally Have a Playback Feature

Since folding ping pong tables have the ability to separate the ping pong table surface top into two halves, this means that folding table tennis tables often have a playback feature. When a table tennis table has a playback feature, half of the table tennis table is placed in an upright position so that the upright portion of the ping pong table acts as an opposing player and serves as a backboard. What makes a playback feature so wonderful is that it makes it possible for table tennis players to engage in solo play and improve upon their table tennis skills even while alone.  

Storage Space is Saved with a Folding Ping Pong Table

Due to a folding table tennis table having a collapsible surface top, this results in less storage space being required when the table tennis table is not in use.  While storage space may not be an issue for some individuals, it can definitely be an issue for many others.  With space in a home, office, or recreation center often being limited, a folding ping pond table can easy save a great amount of square footage that can be used to meet some other need. 

Folding Ping Pong Tables are Easy to Transport

Because the surface top of a folding ping pong tables is collapsible and thus made more compact, this results in the table tennis table being much easier to move from one location to another.  Although some individuals fully intend to keep their ping pong table in one specific location, many other individuals prefer to play the game of table tennis in various locations. During the spring and summer months, many ping pong players enjoy playing outside in the warm, crisp air and having a folding ping pong table that is easy to transport can easily accommodate that need; especially with many folding table tennis tables designed and constructed for outdoor use.

Hopefully, our team here at has done a great job of explaining why a folding table tennis table is an excellent purchase.  If you are looking for a folding ping pong table, definitely has you covered! We carry a great selection of both indoor and outdoor table tennis tables for you to choose from. Please view our collection: Table Tennis Tables is committed to providing quality customer service and we strive to ensure that our customers experience the best table tennis product buying experience possible, so if you have a question about any of the table tennis products in our store, or would simply like to check the availability of an item, feel free to get in touch via live chat or by phone.