Ping Pong: Why a Ping Pong Table is Ideal for a Game Room or Finished Basement

Ping Pong: Why a Ping Pong Table is Ideal for a Game Room or Finished Basement


Ping Pong Tables offer many great benefits to its users


A ping pong table is ideal for a game room or finished basement because of the numerous benefits it brings to the individuals who either own or use the ping pong table.  While there are other types of game tables that are nice to have as well, the benefits of a ping pong table seem to greatly exceed other game tables.  Our team here at is often approached by people who are interested in purchasing a game table for their game room or finished basement, but are unsure about which one. However, after learning of the benefits of purchasing a table tennis table, most conclude that a table tennis table is the ideal choice.  

Here is our list of reasons why a ping pong table is ideal for a game room or finished basement:

Ping pong is a table game that everyone can play

Virtually everyone, from young children to the elderly, can enjoy playing the great game of table tennis.

Table tennis provides a truly great workout

Not only does ping pong get players moving their feet to hit the table tennis ball and keep it in play, but ping pong also helps strengthen hand/eye coordination. Since ping pong requires that players hit the ball with a ping pong paddle, they must always stay alert, keep their eye on the ball, and their arms and hands ready to hit the table tennis ball.

Ping pong brings out the competitive spirit in people

Table tennis, like most sports, brings out the true competitive nature of people given its fast pace and the energy required to keep the ping pong ball in play.

The game of ping pong strengthens relationships

Ping pong is a social type of game in that many people can gather around and cheer on the players. Also, ping pong can be played in teams of two which requires teamwork and communication, two great ways to strengthen relationships.

Table tennis tables are often very portable and easy to store

Unlike other types of game tables that are either too heavy to move or have a stationary base, ping pong tables can usually be folded and rolled out of the way when necessary.

Ping pong is a game you can play on your own

Unlike other game tables, ping pong is one of the only table games where one can play and practice on their own. This is because many table tennis tables come with a playback feature, which means that one half of the ping pong table can be folded and transformed into a wall that can return ping pong balls to the player.

Table tennis tables can transform a room

Let’s face it: ping pong tables are very stylish and can make a room appear more vibrant. Ping pong tables come in many different colors, styles, and sizes and can easily transform what seems to be a dull room into a space that looks and feels more lively.

Hopefully, has provided you with a great overview of why a ping pong table is ideal for a game room or finished basement.  If you are looking for a ping pong table for your home, office, or rec-room, has a wide selection of ping pong tables for you to choose from. Please view our collection: Table Tennis Tables

As always, if you have any questions regarding any of our table tennis products, or would simply like to inquire about the availability of an item, feel free to contact us via live-chat or by phone. 


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