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Ping Pong: Why You Should Buy a Ping Pong Table with a Playback Feature

Buying a table tennis table with a playback feature can result in great ping pong skill improvement.




Purchasing a ping pong table with a playback feature allows users to practice and greatly improve their table tennis skills even when there is no one to play against. Continuously working on one’s footwork and table tennis paddle stroke is the key to becoming a terrific ping pong player. Often, our team here at is asked by those looking for a table tennis table if a particular table feature is essential if one is serious about improving, or simply maintaining, their skills as a ping pong player. Although there are a few different table tennis table features that anyone looking to improve as a ping pong player may want their ping pong table to have, our team here at believes one of the most important is a ping pong table with a playback feature. 

Although some ping pong tables have both halves of the table permanently attached, many table tennis tables allow for the halves to be separated. A playback feature of a table tennis table works by allowing the user of the table to put one half of the ping pong table in an upright or vertical position so that the vertical portion of the table tennis table acts as an opposing player returning a serve and as a backboard.  This allows users of the ping pong table to not only practice maintaining great footwork while the ping pong ball is in play and improve timing and coordination, but it also allows users to practice a number of different paddle strokes, such as adding backspin and topspin.  Learning and perfecting these ping pong skills are extremely critical when it comes to becoming an excellent table tennis player. Another added benefit of purchasing a ping pong table with a playback feature is that the playback feature can eliminate the need for a table tennis robot, which is a device that shoots off ping pong balls at various speeds and serve styles, making it possible to practice certain table tennis strokes and footwork. 

Hopefully, has given you a great overview of why buying a ping pong table with a playback feature is important and how using the playback feature can lead to great table tennis skills improvement.  At, we have an excellent collection of ping pong tables for you to choose from. Please view our collection: Table Tennis Tables

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