Ping Pong: Why You Should Buy a Stationary Ping Pong Table

Ping Pong: Why You Should Buy a Stationary Ping Pong Table
Purchasing a stationary ping pong table is ideal in certain situations


A stationary ping pong table can be an terrific purchase because of the increased sturdiness and more attractive undercarriage when compared to a rollaway ping pong table. At, we often receive customer inquires asking about the fundamental differences between stationary table tennis tables and rollaway table tennis tables, and whether or not a stationary ping pong table is appropriate for their situation. While a stationary table tennis table isn't ideal for all situations, a stationary ping pong table can be very ideal for certain situations; especially if the ping pong table will likely be purchased for a permanent location in a home, office, or rec room.  

Generally, while all ping pong tables have their own positive attributes, stationary table tennis tables are excellent for the following two specific reasons:

Increased Sturdiness of the Ping Pong Table

A stationary table tennis table tends to be much sturdier than a rollaway table tennis table since no wheels are involved. Usually, rollaway ping pong tables that fold have a thinner frame which allows for greater mobility, but that greater mobility often takes away from the ping pong table's overall sturdiness and support.  While rollaway table tennis tables are generally still very sturdy, if you are sure that your table tennis table will likely be used in one specific location then it's always better to opt for the stationary table tennis table. 

Stationary Table Tennis Tables Have a More Attractive Undercarriage

Since a stationary ping pong table has no wheels and is often designed and constructed for indoor usage, the undercarriage of the ping pong table is usually more visually appealing.  The undercarriage of a ping pong table is the supporting frame and legs underneath the ping pong table top surface. While some individuals may not place much value on the visual appeal of a table tennis table, purchasing a table tennis table with a more attractive undercarriage is often very desirable for those looking for a ping pong table that is durable and sturdy, but also very stylish and can help transform the decor of a home or office.  A great example of a ping pong table with a very attractive undercarriage that can help transform a room is the You and Me Ping Pong Table by RS Barcelona. This particular ping pong table, which also can be used as a luxury dining table, consists of very sturdy and well-crafted legs made of beautiful iroko wood that look absolutely magnificent and truly add to the decor of a home or office.

Hopefully, our team here at has done a great job of explaining how a stationary ping pong table differs from a rollaway ping pong table, and why a stationary ping pong table can be an ideal purchase for those in the market for a ping pong table. At, we carry a great selection of stationary table tennis tables for you to choose from. Please view our collection: Stationary Table Tennis Tables.

Providing excellent customer service is something that takes pride in, so if you have a question about any of our table tennis products, or would simply like to check the availability of an item, please don't hesitate to contact an team member via live-chat or by phone. 

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