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Table Tennis Net and Post Sets: How to Select the Best One for Your Table Tennis Table


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Table tennis net and post sets are an important component of a ping pong table


Choosing the right table tennis net and post set, which is used to separate one player’s side of the table tennis table from an opponent’s side of the table tennis table, can sometimes be a difficult task. However, our team at is here to explain the different types of table tennis net and post sets to choose from so that you can confidently select the best set for your ping pong table. When it comes to table tennis net and post sets, here are a few questions you will want to ask yourself:

  • Will this table tennis net and post set be used for leisure play and fun or will it be used for tournament play?

  • Do I want something permanently affixed or do I want something I can alter easily? 

  • Is there a table tennis net and post set of a certain color to mesh well with the décor of my home?


Understanding if you are playing for leisure or tournament play is important because the standards for leisure play are a bit different than the standards for tournament play. While leisurely play simply follows the generally Rules of Table Tennis, tournament play generally must meet the standards set by the ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) that enforces international regulations.

Once you’ve answered the first question, you can move to the second question asking whether you want a table tennis net permanently affixed or something that can be altered easily. Generally, there are three (3) types of table tennis net assemblies:

    • Permanently Affixed: Here, the table tennis net is permanently affixed and screwed into the table tennis table. This type of assembly is generally found on outdoor ping pong tables and ping pong tables used for both indoor and outdoor play.
    • Spring Loaded Clip: These table tennis nets are attached to the table tennis table. Many table tennis table owners and users enjoy the convenience the spring loaded clip provides since they are easy to attach and remove. 
    • Hand-tightened Screw Clamp: These table tennis nets combine the ease and quickness of the spring loaded clip while also provided the sturdiness of the permanently affixed table tennis nets. Ideal for those who are willing to forgo a bit of convenience and ease in exchange for improved stability.

Once you’ve selected on which type of net assembly you prefer, it’s now time to move on to the third question and find a table tennis net and post set that goes well with your table tennis table or home decor. While most table tennis net and post sets are black and white in color, other colors can be found as well. Typically non-traditional colors are sold separately

Now that the team here at has provided some guidance on how to select the best table tennis net and post set for your table tennis table, we hope that you can find exactly what you’re looking for. In addition to table tennis tables, also has a wide selection of table tennis net and post sets available. Please view our collection: Table Tennis Net and Post Sets

If you have any question or simply feel the need to get in touch, feel free to contact the team via our Click-to-Chat feature at the bottom of the page, or by phone.