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Table Tennis: The New Approach the International Table Tennis Federation is Taking in 2017


The International Table Tennis Federation will undergo major changes in 2017


The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) has decided to take a new approach to sponsorship, marketing, and technology in 2017 with the goal of increasing the ITTF’s commercial attractiveness to potential new partners, enhancing the table tennis fan experience, and increasing ITTF revenues.    Here at, even though our primary goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality table tennis products possible, we also like to discuss current events and topics in the ping pong world. The ITTF, which is the governing body for all international table tennis associations, is taking a new approach to sponsorship, marketing, and technology, and as ping pong enthusiasts, the team would like to talk about what lies ahead regarding the ITTF. 

In 2017, the International Table Tennis Federation intends to make some changes relating to marketing, sponsorship, and technology, which will likely be beneficial to table tennis fans as well as the ITTF. Here are some of the changes that are likely to take place this year:

A New Table Tennis Marketing Structure Will Be Implemented

For nearly 14 years, TMS International had been in a marketing and strategy partnership with the International Table Tennis Federation. However, the partnership has ended and ITTF will now be the sole entity responsible for the ITTF’s marketing and strategic decisions.  ITTF’s Marketing and Commercial Director, Steve Dainton, has stated that the reason for ITTF ending it’s partnership with TMS International was so that ITTF can switch from being a sponsorship driven organization, to an investment and media rights driven organization. Ultimately, the goal here is to increase ITTF revenues, improve the table tennis fan experience, and ultimately ensure that the game of ping pong sees increased exposure throughout the world. 

ITTF Will Improve the Table Tennis World Tour

The International Table Tennis Federation recently signed a four-year deal with Chinese shipping company Seamaster for various World Tour events. This will include six regular and six platinum World Tour events, and the World Tour Grand Finals which were dominated by China during the 2016 World Tour Grand Finals for both the men’s and women’s singles tournaments.  Although ITTF’s deal with Seamaster is considered “nontraditional,” the ITTF believes the deal is excellent and will result in a better experience for table tennis fans, the attraction of the best table tennis talent around the world, increased media coverage, and a major increase in table tennis prize money.  If this deal pans out for the International Table Tennis Federation, it will likely result in an extremely bright future for the federation.

The Ping Pong Fan Experience Will Be Enhanced Due to New Technologies

Although the game of table tennis is incredibly popular in Asia, the International Table Tennis Federation wants to increase the popularity of ping pong throughout the world. As a result, the ITTF wants to increase its visibility and plans on doing so via new technologies, especially virtual reality. Virtual reality technology was tested last year at the 2016 World Tour Grand Finals in Doha, Qatar and received good feedback, so the ITTF will likely move forward with implementing such technology so that it becomes widespread.  One of the great things about virtual reality is that it greatly enhances the gaming experience for table tennis fans and truly takes their experience to an unprecedented level.

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