Table Tennis: What is the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF)?

Table Tennis: What is the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF)?



 The International Table Tennis Federation has been in existence since 1926


The International Table Tennis Federation, also known as ITTF, is the governing body for all international table tennis associations.  This world-renown governing body was founded in 1926 by nine (9) individuals from the countries of Hungary, India, Austria, Denmark, Wales, England, Germany, Czechoslovakia, and Sweden, and is responsible for overseeing many different areas within the international table tennis community. Some areas that the ITTF oversees includes the rules and regulations and technological improvements that pertain to the great game of ping pong.

The International Table Tennis Federation is currently headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland and has approximately 222 table tennis associations that it oversees. However, the ITTF also recognizes six (6) continental federations, all of which have their own rules and leadership team.  The six continental federations are as follows:

  • Africa (51 members)
  • Asia (45 members)
  • Europe (58 members)
  • Latin America (40 members)
  • Northern America (4 members)
  • Oceania (55 members)

The ITTF is lead by German native Thomas Weirkert. Weirkert, who replaced long-time ITTF Canadian Adham Sharara as President in 2014, is the seventh President of the International Table Tennis Federation since its founding. As ITTF President, Weirkert has expressed that his goal is to expand the ITTF Development Programme, which seeks to expand the great game of table tennis to as many countries and people as possible.

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