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Table Tennis: Who are the Best Table Tennis Players in the United States?


Table tennis in the United States has gained popularity in recent years

The best table tennis players in the United States are a select group of individuals who have represented the country well and could bring even more popularity to the sport in the coming years.  With ping pong being the most popular in countries like China and Japan, sometimes the United States gets overlooked when it comes to its table tennis talent.  Since our team here at likes to keep our visitors informed of top table tennis talent, we thought it would be great to talk about some of the best ping pong players in the United States.    

Even though China and Japan are considered the front-runners when it comes to table tennis talent, the United States has some excellent ping pong players as well who deserve recognition. The following the individuals are those who deems the best ping pong players in the United States: 

Kanak Jha

Despite only being 16 years old, Kanak Jha is a table tennis prodigy who has an incredibly developed ping pong skill set. The right-handed Jha has truly phenomenal table tennis footwork, excellent body control, and quick reflexes. Due to his very developed table tennis game, Kanak Jha has many table tennis accomplishments under his belt, which includes winning the 2016 United States Men's Single title and the United States Men's Youth title.  With Jha being so young, he has many years ahead of him and could become the face of ping pong in the United States.   

Zheng Jiaqi 

Zheng Jiaqi is an American women's ping pong player who is exceptionally skilled and competed in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  The 29 year old Jiaqi, who utilizes a penhold grip, plays table tennis with great tenacity and grit, and possesses excellent table tennis foot work. She is the 2015 United States Women's Single Champion and is currently ranked as the #1 women's table tennis player in the United States by USA Table Tennis.  Zheng Jiaqi is definitely a ping pong player to keep your eye on over the next few years.   

Yijun Feng

The 6'1" Yijun Feng is a table tennis prodigy who has a terrific ping pong skill set. Due to Feng's size, he possesses a long reach which is a tremendous help when attacking the ping pong ball.  Yijun Feng has had much table tennis success which includes winning the 2016 United States Mixed Doubles Championship, the 2016 North American Table Tennis Cup Singles Championship, and the 2015 United States Youth Single Championship. Additionally, Feng competed at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Look for Feng and Kanak Jha to be the faces of USA Table Tennis for many years to come. 

Lily Zhang  

20 year old Lily Zhang is a phenomenal table tennis talent who has could potential be the face of United States Women's Table Tennis for many years to come. The California native showed exceptional ping pong skills at a very early age and became so good that she became the youngest table tennis player to ever make the United States Women's Table Tennis Team. Soon after making the United States Women's Table Tennis Team, she earned the #2 ranking for United States Junior Women's table tennis players.  Lily Zhang's exception skill has also earned her the bronze medal at the 2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games in China and the #2 ranking for women's table tennis players in the United States. With youth on her side, Zhang has an extremely bright future.  

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