Table Tennis: Why Playing Table Tennis is Great for Older Adults

Table Tennis: Why Playing Table Tennis is Great for Older Adults

Playing ping pong regularly provides many great benefits for older individuals.




Playing table tennis is great for older adults because of the many physical and mental health benefits that it provides. Although the game of ping pong is often associated with a younger demographic, that by no means suggests that older individuals do not benefit immensely from playing ping pong on a regular basis. As table tennis enthusiasts, the team wants to educate older adults and their loved ones about the many benefits of table tennis, and hopes that the lives of many will be greatly improved by including table tennis as part of their daily or weekly activities.     

As mentioned above, playing ping pong has many great health benefits for older adults, some of which are the following:

Ping Pong Provides a Great Social Outlet

While some older adults lead very active social lives, unfortunately, many others do not. However, with table tennis being a social type of game, older adults can greatly benefit from being around family and friends while engaging in friendly competition. In fact, studies have shown that having an active social life leads to a longer lifespan.  According to, a Brigham Young University study found that loneliness and isolation can even have a larger impact on one's lifespan than obesity. 

Table Tennis Keeps the Heart Healthy

Due to the relatively fast-paced nature of ping pong, ones heart rate increases while playing which keeps the heart functioning properly and contributes to good blood circulation. A healthy heart is extremely vital to ones health and can add years to ones lifespan.  According to the  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), annually, approximately 610,000 people die of heart disease and approximately 735,000 suffer from a heart attack in the United States. Most likely, many of those suffering from heart disease and heart attacks did not maintain good heart health by neglecting to play games such as table tennis. However, it is important to note that one should always obtain medical clearance from their physician before engaging in physical activities. 

Ping Pong Maintains Good Hand/Eye Coordination

Playing table tennis regularly maintains good hand/eye coordination. Maintaining good hand/eye coordination is important because tasks such as writing and driving a car are dependent upon having good hand/eye coordination. With many older adults continuing to work and drive past the age of 75, maintaining good hand/eye coordination will become even more important in the future and playing ping pong regularly will help immensely.

Ping Pong Stimulates the Brain

Arguably the most important benefit of ping pong for older adults is that it stimulates the brain and keeps it sharp. While this is very important for individuals of all ages, it’s even more important for older adults due to the prevalence of Alzheimer's Disease, which is a chronic mental deterioration ailment, in society today.  Since many older adults aren't as active as they once were, this results in their brain being used less and less on a daily basis which increases the chances of Alzheimer's Disease occuring. However, with the great game of table tennis, older adults can keep their brains sharp well into their 80s or even 90s and beyond. 

Hopefully, has done a solid job of explaining what the game of ping pong does for older adults and why it’s important to implement table tennis into ones daily or weekly routine.  Now that you are aware of benefits table tennis may have on the lives of older adults, you may be looking for the right table tennis equipment to get started. has a wide selection of table tennis products  including table tennis tables, ping pong paddles, table tennis nets, and table tennis balls. Please view our collections: Ping Pong Tables, Ping Pong Paddles, Table Tennis Balls, and Table Tennis Nets.

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