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Table Tennis: Why You Should Buy an Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Outdoor ping pong tables are designed and constructed to withstand various types of weather conditions


Outdoor table tennis tables are great to own because they are weather-resistant and more durable when compared to indoor table tennis tables. With spring and summer rapidly approaching, our team here at is starting to receive an increased number of inquires regarding outdoor ping pong tables. Many of our customers are interested in purchasing a new ping pong table for their home or office, but often ask us what the differences are between an outdoor table tennis table and an indoor table tennis table. While outdoor ping pong tables and indoor ping pong tables are both great to own, outdoor table tennis tables are designed and constructed differently.

When it comes to outdoor table tennis tables, there are two attributes that set outdoor table tennis tables apart from indoor table tennis tables: 

Outdoor Ping Pong Tables are Weather-Resistant 

Unlike indoor ping pong tables, outdoor ping pong tables are designed to withstand various weather conditions. Outdoor table tennis tables are generally equipped with a weatherproof table top surface and a weather-resistant table tennis net.  Since outdoor ping pong tables include such great features, rain, snow, and extreme heat are all weather conditions an outdoor table tennis table can easily combat. With outdoor table tennis tables being able to withstand various weather conditions, they are ideal for summer camps, office parks, and beach areas.

Outdoor Table Tennis Tables are More Durable Than Indoor Table Tennis Tables

Another great attribute that outdoor ping pong tables possess is that they are more durable than indoor ping pong tables. While many indoor table tennis tables are very durable in their own right, outdoor table tennis tables take durability to the next level. This is often due to the higher quality materials in which these ping pong tables are made, which usually includes a galvanized steel undercarriage. Unlike an indoor ping pong table that may have an undercarriage with many components made of untreated metal or wood, a galvanized steel undercarriage will ensure that the table tennis table will last for many years despite coming in contact with rain, snow, sleet, and hot temperatures on a regular basis. This is primarily because the galvanization of steel applies a protective coating, which prevents the undercarriage from rusting. hopes this article does a great job of explaining how outdoor ping pong tables are different from indoor ping pong tables, and why an outdoor ping pong table may be perfect for you and your situation. Buying a new table tennis table for your home, office, or game room can be stressful, but the team here at wants to make the table tennis table buying process as easy and stress-free as possible. When it comes to outdoor ping pong tables, carries a great selection of quality outdoor pong tables for you to choose from. Please view our collection: Outdoor Table Tennis Tables.

As always, our team at is here to help and we take pride in providing top notch customer service, so if you have any questions regarding any of our table tennis products, or would simple like to check the availability of an item, we encourage you to contact an team member via live-chat or by phone.